Finding an attorney for your business used to be a time consuming and expensive process. If your company doesn’t have a lawyer on staff or is not willing to pay the large retainer fees, JusGlobal is for you.

JusGlobal simplifies this process. With JusGlobal, your business has access to an attorney 24/7. Have a contract question? Speak to a contract attorney. Have a tax question? Speak to a tax professional. Have a question about government regulations or licensing? Speak with an attorney with experience in that area. JusGlobal is like your own law firm on demand.

JusGlobal assists you in obtaining legal assistance in the most cost and time efficient way, you simply have your project to bid, the qualified JusGlobal attorney members compete for your bid, JusGlobal assists in short listing those bids to give you the most viable fit for your project.

JusGlobal does more than just answer your legal questions. JusGlobal is a legal tool that promotes TRANSPARENCY and TRUST in your business while minimizing your legal risk.

With JusGlobal, you can give those whom your business interacts with access to an attorney. Those individuals can then seek independent counsel to understand the terms of the contract they are signing. Those individuals can then sign the document (physical and oral signature) with the assurance that there is complete TRANSPARENCY and UNDERSTANDING on the meaning of the terms of the Agreement and what you are signing. The strength of your RELATIONSHIPS is increased because you are ensuring that those who you work with understand what is needed.

JusGlobal also processes and manages these document for your company. With JusGlobal, you just send the document. JusGlobal’s proprietary software, auto- fills the client’s information, as needed which saves you time and expense. JusGlobal lets you know when the document has been viewed and when the document has been signed (both physical and oral signature). JusGlobal keeps an organized record of all documents, and all communications (text or email) between your company and individual.

JusGlobal makes it easier for you to refer and interact within your professional industry

JusGlobal keeps you informed on regulatory updates in real time so you keep within the guidelines and mitigate potential risks associated with the day to day running of your business. JusGlobal ensures that you keep doing what you do best and leave the legal aspects to our experts.

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