Beatrice O’Brien, Founder Chairman & CEO 

From the High Courts of England and Australia to top Wall Street law firms, with over 25 years in the Legal Industry, JusGlobal Founder Chairman and CEO, Beatrice O’Brien understands how people and global business interact with the law in a way few others do.

Born in Suva in the Fiji Islands, Beatrice was educated in Australia and became an (attorney) solicitor and barrister in the New South Wales Supreme Court. She has practiced in litigation, corporate real estate, banking and tax law, eventually working in the UK and the US on some of the largest corporate reorganization and restructuring cases of the time.

Beatrice founded and leads Attorney Placements International (“API”). API is a global legal search, recruitment and consulting firm renowned for identifying and facilitating law firm mergers and acquisitions, moving entire legal practice groups, and placing partners and associates with high-profile international clients. As an innovative educator, Beatrice created revolutionary programs for the legal market, such as the New York Bar Review Quality Program, which assists attorneys from all over the world in qualifying to bring their unique skills and experience to the US legal market. Beatrice brings her vast legal-business experience to JusGlobal.





Oliver Ramsbottom, Advisory Board Member 

Oliver Ramsbottom, a Harvard and Oxford graduate, is a Partner based in McKinsey & Company’s Tokyo office. He joined the London office of McKinsey in 1998, spent 16 years in Mainland China, and transferred to Tokyo in 2016. His work focuses on strategy, corporate finance, and business development for both industry players and financial institutions with exposure to the sector, including private-equity firms and sovereign-wealth funds. In addition to client work, Oliver leads McKinsey’s institutional research on commodities and is a frequent presenter at investor road shows and conferences on the global commodity sector. Oliver’s understanding the future regional and global supply-demand dynamics, and skills in identifying key value drivers for the business, providing incredible structure and strategy skills for JusGlobal.






Jack Habert, Advisory Board Member

Jack brings a wide-breath knowledge to the JusGlobal team. Jack is SVP, where he specializes in the documentation of derivative products and the regulatory analysis of securities, commodities and insolvency issues relating to derivative products. In September 2010 Jack accepted an attorney fellow role at the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Division of Trading and Markets. In that role, he advised and assisted the Commission with drafting rules implementing various provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act including rules relating to conflicts of interest in asset backed securities, the definitions of swap, security-based swap, swap and security-based swap dealers, major swap and security-based swap participants, business conduct standards, and the new platforms for trading, clearing and reporting swaps and security-based swaps. Jack’s knowledge and skill-set makes him a valuable member of our corporate team. Jack’s brings his regulatory and finance skills to JusGlobal






Hilary Gentile, Advisory Board Member 

Hilary brings an enormous amount of value to JusGlobal, as a Chief Strategic Officer for McCann Health, is responsible for leading McCann Health strategy teams and driving integration across North America. Partnering with US-based and global clients, Hilary marries creative and critical thinking to solve high-level problems for her Fortune-500 clients, from portfolio strategy, to system architecture, to forward planning, to establishing a brand or company’s core DNA. Hilary brings a holistic understanding of the healthcare ecosystem, having built engaging solutions for healthcare providers, patients, and payers, as well as manufacturers, health systems, pharmacies, and NGOs.

Among her major accomplishments, is the formalizing of McCann Health’s strategic-planning process, Truth 2 Meaning (T2M), which has been implemented around the world. This unified process has been instrumental in driving business development and capability expansion. Additionally, T2M has allowed Hilary to establish an agile and connected team, who can integrate on-demand to solve diverse client issues, regardless of vertical. Through co-creation, challenge sessions, live panel discussions, projective simulations, and pseudo-ecosystem models, her team is able to efficiently diagnose business issues and unearth new opportunities for her clients. Hilary’s knowledge regarding the pharmaceutical market will drive JusGlobal’s drug-testing and regulatory protocols.





Dr. Richard Guarino MD, Chief Medical Director


Dr Guarino brings to JusGlobal tremendous experience with over 40 years of experience in clinical regulatory drug biological and medical devices. Dr Guarino has run enourmous amount in different Phases in drug testing and research inclusive of experience with FDA and other governing departments both nationally and globally







Jason Stiehl, Advisory Board Member

Jason is a partner in an AMLAW 100 firm, Loeb & Loeb LLP, where his practice focuses on both complex consumer class defense as well as corporate espionage litigation and consulting, such as trade secrets and restrictive covenants. He represents clients across the country in matters involving deceptive trade practices, unfair competition, corporate espionage, contract, and intellectual property claims in both state and federal court, as well as multidistrict litigation experience. Jason is recognized as a leading consumer class defense lawyer, notably in statutory matters such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and other “alphabet soup” matters, including counseling clients as well as leading legislative efforts to change these statutes. He also has extensive nationwide consumer fraud litigation experience, defeating consumer claims in New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Alabama, Oklahoma, Illinois, Texas, California and Pennsylvania. His client experience includes nationwide representation in the pharmaceutical, consulting, banking, transportation, manufacturing, advertising, real estate, employment, medical equipment, computer, and automotive industries. Jason legal know-how adds tremendous value to JusGlobal





Dona Zimmerman, Advisory Board Member

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dona Zimmerman was educated at The University of Pittsburgh, where she earned her BA in Political Science, and Delaware Law School graduated with JD cum laude. At Delaware Law School, Dona was a top student and the proud recipient of 2 American Juris Awards. Immediately following law school, Dona became the co-founder and vice president of PMBR, the nation’s leading Multistate Bar Review Program prior to its acquisition by Kaplan a 1.9 billion Education Company. Dona has over 30 years’ experience in the legal education industry, the bar exam preparation business and she has authored numerous books and practice materials for the Multistate Bar Exam. Donna has taught thousands of law students and attorneys all over the United States & Globally in essay courses, and MPT/MEE courses with PMBR. She is a lecturer for the Delaware Bar Review at Delaware Law School Dona is a member of the American Bar Association, the New York Bar Association, the Florida Bar Association and the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Dona adds value bringing a well-rounded educational perspective to JusGlobal.





Cantrell Jones, Chief Legal Resource Officer

Cantrell Jones is a senior litigation attorney, and MBA, and a U.S. Air Force J.A.G. Officer (retired). Cantrell is a graduate from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Washington and Lee University School of Law, and Oxford University. Prior to his legal career, Cantrell was a Missile Launch Crew Commander, on watch at one of the Air Force’s ICBM Launch Controll Centers. Upon graduating from law school, Cantrell became a two-time federal law clerk, then went into private practice in Miami, Florida. Cantrell then went to Said Business School to get his M.B.A., before returning back to private practice. For the past 10 years, Cantrell has been a litigator and counsel for Am-Law 100 law firms. Cantrell’s law experience is extensive, giving him experience in labor and employment litigation, complex commercial litigation, regulatory compliance, and internal investigations. Cantrell has extensive executive, leadership, management, and organizational skills honed by leading and managing legal departments and cases throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. His analytical and problem solving skills, ability to identify issues and trends, oral and written communication skills, and business and legal ethical knowledge, make him a valuable asset in running JusGlobal’s day to day operations.