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JusGlobal technology is a truly best-in-class technical solution and not merely “compatible” with Android and the Apple iOS operating system. We are proud to declare that JusGlobal has been reviewed and approved by Apple and is available through the Apple App store.

JusGlobal has brought together internationally accomplished executives, attorneys, doctors, clinicians and academicians to create the world's first fully secure and efficient transformational business technology platforms. JusGlobal will forever change the way information is exchanged and business is conducted across a myriad of industries.


JusGlobal technology revolutionizes the efficiency of the legal and health care markets, and its innovations will benefit patient care and pharmaceutical research by improving the safety and efficiency of clinical drug trials.


JusGlobal will play a pivotal role in speeding to market the safest, most effective therapies, universally improving patient care and empowering pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to optimize their research expenditures.


JusGlobal is the gateway to efficiency, security, transparency, quality and ultimately, profitability in business and clinical advancements.


Jus-Law brings attorneys, businesses and individuals together to optimize results in legal transactions.

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Jus-Pharma for CEO, CFO and other C-suite managers, clinical trial directors, investigatory practitioners, study project executives, research assistants and participants.

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Jus-GOV brings together researchers and volunteers in military-sponsored clinical trials.

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Learn about Jus-Investors benefits and protections for Investors and Shareholders

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More than 100 years of leadership experience

The JusGlobal team has more than 100 years of leadership experience across the legal, pharmacy, business management, investment, operations strategy and clinical arenas. These experts are the most qualified team to deliver vital solutions applying cutting edge technology to their own industries because they are end-users themselves.

JusGlobal was born when Founder, Chairman & CEO Beatrice O’Brien recognized an enormous gap across the business market – there were no integrated industry-specific experts nor software applications that offered expert industry-specific advisory coupled with improved process performance and security.

But NOW there is one comprehensive solution: CEO O'Brien has united world class talent in the JusGlobal Board. The result is a team that provides best in-class expert guidance across industries with groundbreaking sector-specific applications that prevent wasted research dollars, data gaps, communications lags, investigatory delays, misaligned marketing efforts, litigation risks and lost revenue.

The proprietary applications created and implemented by the JusGlobal team empower organizations from law firms and pharmaceutical corporations to allied health service providers and government entities to precision-manage their projects, investigative trials, communications, documentation, data, transactions and client recruitment and retention practices in a fully secure, transparent and efficient process that propels innovation, delivers quality solutions to clients and patients and augments enterprise-wide profitability.


By providing previously unavailable operational transparency and efficiency on a single networked platform, enterprise resources are optimally deployed, delays are averted, capital is preserved and profitability is accelerated – offering protections for clients, patients, individuals, and investors/shareholders alike.


JusGlobal is a first-of-its-kind technology innovator that empowers its clients to achieve numerous firsts of their own -- first to market with a lifesaving medication; first to offer a specific legal solution; first to fund a study that will have an enduring impact on global wellness.


JusGlobal is the only technology company facilitating a 24/7 real time 360-degree management and operations view to all stakeholders. JusGlobal offers immediate advantages to every party accessing its technology: from the CEO delivering reports to the board of directors, to the clinician accessing multi-site data, to an attorney seeking improved market penetration in specific practice areas, to the patient who will receive better care with daily monitoring of his self-reported symptoms, referrals to specialists and managed prescription refills -- all because JusGlobal has disrupted and surpassed standard business and clinical process protocols.


The solution to reverse challenging economic realities.

JusGlobal: A veritable Wall Street of intellectual assets, in which the free market at last breaks down the inter-disciplinary walls previously impeding the efficient procurement and performance of professional services.

With operations errors, project delays and eroding market share costing the most lucrative industries and their investors billions of dollars in lost or unrealized revenue, JusGlobal is the solution to reverse these challenging economic realities and catapult profits.

Unlike other applications, JusGlobal doesn’t merely bring the players together via a software network -- it provides the very playing field where providers, clients and the C-suite conduct business, resolve challenges, advance professional referrals and respond to regulatory requirements.

By offering an unprecedented transparency that integrates block chain timestamp technology, JusGlobal creates an immediate, up-to-the-second accurate representation of all activities in progress. Such efficiency and clarity inform the enterprise-wide bottom line as never before. Potential gridlock issues are identified and resolved before interrupting progress.

Only JusGlobal offers this advanced technology to potentially neutralize common challenges and oversights – the type of missteps that can potentially expose an enterprise to arduous and costly litigations.


Every organization needs to optimally deploy assets, manage resources, prevent crises, course correct and maximize profits. JusGlobal is the only technological aggregator created and managed by industry experts that empowers such agility while offering an accessible, clear and comprehensive solution through proprietary, industry-specific applications.


A JusGlobal network becomes a vital aspect of an organization’s structure. It goes beyond best practices to set a higher standard that ensures transactions, communications and reporting is performed by all parties in a fully secure, transparent and compliant manner.
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If your organization wishes to operate at the pinnacle of excellence and receive guidance and support from experts in your own industry, not merely “tech support,” JusGlobal is the most trustworthy and credible network offering enterprise-wide solutions.

JusGlobal improves inter-agency and client communications that propel performance.

JusGlobal is THE competitive edge that advances speed to market, facilitates seamless transactions between service providers and clients as well as health professionals and patients, all while managing information flow on a secure platform that expedites operations and ensures quality, security, transparency and ultimately, profitability.

JusGlobal makes your organization even better at what it already does best and insulates the enterprise and its investors from both internal and external threats.

JusGlobal: game-changing technology from the experts that changed the game…for the better.

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Jus-Health to expedite the internal processes of providing comprehensive care to patients, hasten specialist referrals and more...

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