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With Jus-Law for business, we make navigating complex legal terrain simple for enterprises of all sizes, whether operating locally or internationally. We have assembled an unparalleled team of legal, general business, regulatory and compliance professionals that administer to Jus-Law. This accomplished team advises and guides clients in choosing the exact right counsel for their needs from the broad array of expert attorneys operating on our platform.

Whether a small business needs to draft a simple sales contract or a multinational manufacturing conglomerate is negotiating international legal issues, Jus-Law for business puts organizations in control of selecting and securely interacting with the exact right legal counsel to accommodate their needs.

To ensure corporate budgets are honored, Jus-Law empowers companies to set the fees they wish to pay for a particular service; then, practicing attorneys -- in the exact area of the law requested -- bid for the assignment. With Jus-Law, businesses are not limited to choosing one attorney within a firm – they have a host of attorneys from all areas of the law available 24/7 -- at the click of a mouse.

Further, JusGlobal uses proprietary blockchain technology to offer fully secure business exchanges whether to sign and validate documents or to connect an entire team of in-house counsel via teleconference with a JusGlobal attorney.

JusGlobal was pioneered by Founder, Chairman & CEO Beatrice O’Brien, with a vision for enveloping multiple industry verticals with the ultimate protections, efficiencies, functionalities and transparencies that at once provide enterprise-wide security in the conduct of business, such as interacting with clients and customers, recording vital enterprise data, creating and transmitting reports, validating legal documents and related matters.
In addition to offering business clients full access to comprehensive legal services, JusGlobal is quickly accelerating into providing comprehensive advisory and secure technology platforms for businesses in a universe of industries. JusGlobal wants to hear from corporate enterprises and boards of directors regarding their business process challenges, so the JusGlobal team can create the customized solutions that conquer obstacles, establish efficiencies, increase productivity, advance security for all stakeholders, protect investors and drive both revenue and market valuation skyward. For service companies, a JusGlobal custom platform can alter the dynamic of business interaction, helping organizations locate and serve a broader and more profitable range of clients, creating secure channels for global multi-site exchanges, using voice/video chat and conferencing functions within the application to eliminate costly redundancies and excess vendors, and streamlining multi-department functions to accomplish an unforeseen unison in fulfilling the enterprise mission, engaging with clients and maintaining a growth trajectory.

FFor manufacturing and product-based companies, JusGlobal can create a custom business platform that services not only your industry but your exact corporation! JusGlobal recognizes that innovation does not occur when one-size-fits-all “solutions” are offered – such programs are typically the fastest pathway to lost data, lost customers and lost revenue!

Further, the insecurity of such platforms introduces numerous vulnerabilities, positioning client companies as targets for litigation or even financial collapse.

Jus-Biz implements the exact solutions your organization needs and we offer full business advisory services and technical guidance through our unrivaled multi-industry expert team. In an increasingly crowded marketplace for goods and services, innovation and ingenuity must occur at near-lightning speed, but rushing products or services to market in the past, typically meant compromised quality, utility and safety -- inviting scrutiny and vulnerability for litigation and potentially, immediate or eventual insolvency.
JusGlobal removes risk and accelerates innovation while increasing fundamentals such as safety, accuracy, quality control, communications and security. JusGlobal is delivered by a multi-industry team each performing at the top of their respective professions -- and nearly all command an unrivaled understanding of the vicissitudes of the current world business market, given their extensive international experience. The JusGlobal Advisory Board provides full support to the executive management and product development teams of our clients. The patented JusGlobal platform introduces solutions that can rapidly generate market growth, improve communications with clients, customers, senior management and other stakeholders as well as regulatory authorities.

JusGlobal has introduced multi-industry transformational innovations with industry-specific support offering guidance, delivering strategy, monitoring compliance and the regulatory landscape, while also providing legal insight, culminating in the acceleration of multiple advantage points in an unprecedented manner. JusGlobal platforms provide not one, but several added layers of security to business processes that might otherwise be vulnerable to substantial human error, poor record-keeping, faulty data, inefficient document control, insecure networks and potentially crippling litigations.


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Our Jus-Biz Team

Managed by of Founder, Chairman & CEO Beatrice O’Brien and her team of internationally accomplished corporate executives, management consultants, attorneys, finance and banking authorities, regulatory authors and international trade experts.

The Jus-Biz team delivers world-class advisory and has business, legal and regulatory experience in markets spanning North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. No other enterprise is as diverse, credible, credentialed and broadly versed in the elements of business that inform the current world market. Such a perspective is priceless in implementing comprehensive business solutions.


Beatrice O'Brien


Beatrice O’Brien brings immeasurable value to JusLaw, not just her passion for the Law and the Legal Industry but also her over 20 years of legal experience with Wall Street Firms, such as, Cadwalder Wickersham & Taft and with international firms in Australia and the UK.

She has worked with high profile clients, such as, Warren Buffet and on high-profile cases, such as, the largest reorganization and restructuring cases in US, UK, and Australian corporate history.

Beatrice is a graduate of Bond University the only Private Law School in Australia with a Law Degree and is a graduate of Harvard Law School Executive Program. She speaks fluent Hindi. Beatrice leveraged her extensive experience to create the first of its kind marketplace revolutionizing the legal industry.


John C. Ferrara


John C. Ferrara is on the Advisory Board of JusLaw with extensive experience in corporate governance, business strategy, finance, operations, business development, capital raising, risk management, cash management, M&A and company exits.

John has served on the Boards of four (4) public companies; including GAMCO Investors, Inc. (NYSE:GBL) and has been the CFO of several public companies; including The Street Inc. (NASDAQ:TST), EDGAR Online, Inc.(NASDAQ:EFGR) and Renaissance Communications Corp. (NYSE:RRR).

John has over twenty years of C-level experience at public, private and PE portfolio entrepreneurial companies; including start-ups, turnarounds, and high growth organizations, with a prior background at two Fortune 500 corporations (NBC & American Express) and a Big 4 public accounting firm (Deloitte).


Oliver Ramsbottom


Partner with McKinsey & Company for over 20 years, based out of Hong Kong & Tokyo. Oliver brings to JusLaw over 20 years international experience in strategy and business development and start-ups. He is a graduate of Oxford & Harvard Business School.

Mr. Ramsbottom speaks fluent Mandarin.


Jason Stiehl


Partner Loeb & Loeb LLP based in New York. Jason brings to JusGlobal a large legal network across consumer class defenses as well as corporate espionage litigation and consulting. He was named a “Best Lawyer” in 2021 Trade Secrets Law: The Best Lawyers in America.


Jack Habert


Senior Vice President at Investment Bank Jeffries Group LLC based in New York. Jack brings to JusLaw expertise in the legal requirements for online platform businesses having been advisor to government entities including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on the development of new legal regulation.

Jack experience expands also to his practice of law for AM LAW 100 Firm, Willkie Farr Gallagher bringing high caliber legal network to JusLaw platforms.


Dr. Evan Siegel, Ph.D.


Dr. Evan Siegel adds value for Jus- Pharma clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device space in the Regulatory Affairs and Product Development.


Dr. Siegel served as Chief Executive Officer of OXO Chemie Inc. from 1997 to 1999. Before he joined OXO Chemie, he was the Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Bioethics for Medical Science Systems, Inc. Prior to that he was Director of Regulatory Consulting Services and Principal Regulatory Scientist for Quintiles, Inc., in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. He has served in regulatory affairs and executive positions in the pharmaceutical (Astra, Syntex, and OXO Chemie), Genetics Testing Industries (Medical Science Systems); and trade association environments.


Dr. Siegel has also held positions as a Toxicology Reviewer at the US Food and Drug Administration and California Department of Health Services and, at the latter, was Chief of Special Services.


He attended Bucknall University where he received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Physics; Rutgers University, where he earned a Masters of Science degree in Radiological Health/Health Physics; the Waksman Institute of Microbiology where he earned both his Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Virology and Molecular Biology, and was awarded Postdoctoral Fellowships in Medical Genetics and Genetics Counselling at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Dr. Siegel is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland and the Centre for the Study of Preclinical Drug Development, Brisbane, Australia, and a member of the California Lieutenant Governor’s Biotechnology Advisory Group to the California Council for Economic Development. 

Dona Zimmerman

Dona Zimmerman


Dona has over 30 years in the legal education industry. She was co-founder and vice president of PMBR, a national preparation course for the Multistate Bar Examination which she sold to Kaplan in 2006 for over 200m. Dona is currently the Founder and President of Your Bar Exam Tutor.com. Being a renowned authority on legal education, Dona brings to JusLaw a broad view of the legal industry and legal education to JusLaw.

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