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Risks mitigated. An unrivaled, patented platform of advisory and technology for military-sponsored Clinical Trial Center study leaders.

About Us

Jus-GOV is an unprecedented achievement in clinical trial innovation created and developed by Founder, Chairman & CEO Beatrice O’Brien. CEO O’Brien has assembled the most qualified clinical experts, medical investigators, scientific researchers, management consultants, product developers, legal and regulatory professionals to introduce a comprehensive, support-driven platform that streamlines and optimizes the entire pre-clinical and clinical phases of investigatory research trials conducted at military clinical trial centers.

The unparalleled strength of the Jus-GOV expert team lies at the intersection of their remarkable professional accomplishments that traverse the entire spectrum of clinical experience, resource allocation, scientific and academic inquiry, drug development and manufacturing, quality control and legal and regulatory advisory. These highly credentialed experts deliver and support a never-before-seen patented innovation that re-engineers the entire clinical investigatory process for advanced agility, speed, safety, efficiency, transparency and security.

Only Jus-GOV is eminently qualified to deliver clinical and pharmacological guidance and support on an interactive yet highly secure technology platform. Along with our accomplished advisory board members, who are legal, healthcare, business strategy and marketing experts, our team has over 100 years of combined professional experience.

For military researchers managing multi-site investigatory studies and clinicians in various armed services branches, Jus-GOV delivers a unifying architecture that streamlines yet elevates qualitative controls, facilitating transparency, enabling self-reporting of symptoms for study particpants and simplifying a formerly complex and arcane research landscape.

For Government Researchers
From the initial application through the complex and vulnerable pre-clinical stage that determines if and for what indication a potential drug or device should be evaluated, to the clinical trial phases and FDA approval, Jus-GOV brings previously unforeseen efficiency to the process of introducing new therapies to the marketplace while accelerating quality control and mitigating study risks throughout the trials process. The result is improved study accuracy and safety that becomes a pathway to speed new medications to market, improving global health by advancing interventive and curative therapies.

Jus-GOV is a dynamic: it is more than a network on which clinical trial information can be recorded, reviewed and exchanged through proprietary communications channels. It is a highly secure platform that delivers a 24/7 real time at-a-glance accuracy and simplicity.

Further, Jus-GOV facilitates text/voice/video communication and digital voice signing through a blockchain conduit between researchers and volunteer participants.

Jus-GOV delivers a team of experts to support, guide and advise at every aspect of clinical investigation. Our professional are authorities in the clinical and regulatory fields who assist government researchers in evaluating and verifying study documents and directing resources while advancing safety, accuracy and quality.

Jus-GOV has an ably qualified support team with industry-specific experience to analyze potential threats, assess risks and facilitate safety and advanced communication in clinical trial research.

We identify challenges before they go undetected, potentially disrupting a study and resulting in costly delays, which are now common to 85 percent of all clinical trials and typically cost $600,000 to $8 million a day for a large scale study.

Jus-GOV provides actionable insights to empower researchers, executives and investors to maintain confidence in their capital and resource investment in a trial.

We also provide a transparent Open Forum for parties to ask and answer questions related to a clinical trial, creating an environment of trust for all parties.

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Jus-GOVspeeds time to market while mitigating risk and adding an unprecedented degree of transparency. It’s a secure, permissions-based application with desktop and mobile support that provides fail-proof guidance for every need and communication. Jus-GOV identifies the expertise required for the pre-clinical, clinical and post-clinical aspects of a trial, tracking every single element on an agile yet secure platform.

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For Contract Research Organizations (CROs)
Acontract research organization can attract more clients by empowering the Jus-Pharma platform to be its competitive edge. Imagine improving, accuracy, safety and speed to market for client sponsors that outsource the clinical investigation process. With such unprecedented efficiency, CROs ensure delivery of results that optimize their clients’ market performance and catapult profitability.
Availing themselves of Jus-Pharma technology, CRO companies not only exponentially increase demand for their services but increase their bandwidth to accommodate that uptick in business. Achieving shorter study times overall means more CRO clients can be accommodated at once, without incurring substantive infrastructure costs. In addition, gaining a reputation for simultaneously preserving client capital while advancing market share, empowers a CRO to move to the summit of a highly competitive and crowded marketplace while commanding top fees for its services.

Jus-Pharma provides support for CROs that receive investigatory assignments from both large and small or niche pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

The large corporations are typically under pressure to reward shareholders while the smaller niche companies seek to be recognized for speeding to market groundbreaking interventions, becoming ripe targets for extremely profitable acquisitions by a larger corporation.

With Jus-Pharma, CRO companies outperform their competition and ensure their own enterprise stability and solvency as well as that of their clients.

The Jus-Pharma platform and support is for CRO companies is identical to that which we provide to sponsor pharmaceutical and biotech organizations or military branches operating clinical trial centers. CROs receive the same efficiencies, blockchain technology and security as well as the chat, text and video interfacing capabilities and the Open Forum for all parties to exchange information.

Our CROs receive every single element we deliver to elite multinational corporate sponsors as well as the military branches that operate clinical testing centers. In short Jus-Pharma has leveled the playing field for clinical trial innovation.

A CRO implementing Jus-Pharma protects and propels its competitive edge and marketability.

A CRO purchasing Jus-Pharma invites client confidence that it is managing a clinical trial in the most efficacious and judicious manner available.

A CRO with Jus-Pharma ability engenders investor confidence and amplifies its growth and acquisition opportunities, potentially exponentially elevating its market valuation.

For Clinical Trial Participants
Clinical trials can be intimidating and confusing. There are many instructions and conditions. Understanding the protocol, adhering to the program and posing the right inquiries can be challenging. Jus-Pharma optimizes the process, making it easier than ever to communicate with researchers and other participants. It puts tools in your hands to keep you fully informed throughout a clinical trial.

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Jus-Pharma delivers a team of experts that assists clinical trial participants throughout the process. We interpret industry jargon and eliminate red tape to provide clarity. We troubleshoot challenges. We connect participants with the right studies – and provide an Open Forum for all parties to ask and answer questions related to the clinical trials process.

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For Investors
Nearly 1,500 drugs and other therapies go into development each year with 80,000 clinical trials conducted annually in the United States. Fewer than ten percent of these compounds, vaccines and devices advance to the marketplace, thus underscoring a budgetary crisis for the entire clinical trials process that affects profitability and consumer cost. Jus-Pharma stems potential clinical trial losses before they have a chance to occur and potentially wreak financial havoc on a pharmaceutical enterprise or other clinical trial sponsor.
Jus-Pharma provides a transparency that illuminates challenging issues for trial sponsors, facilitating clear insights that enable early course correction, protecting capital investment and generating shareholder confidence that only the most promising compounds and other potential therapies will advance through each stage of a trial, preserving billions of dollars in capital for the industry and permitting executives, researchers and boards of directors to funnel study dollars only to those investigatory treatments with the highest likelihood of obtaining market approval.

Jus-Pharma is the only groundbreaking technology created and serviced by an expert team with over 100 years of combined professional experience that streamlines the clinical trials management process, preserving capital, mitigating risk, protecting enterprise stability and optimizing ROI. It empowers investors to maintain high confidence and ensures the enterprise remains an attractive buy.

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Our Jus-GOV Team

With more than a century of combined experience in military intelligence, pharmaceutical development, biotechnology, and the legal, corporate and high-tech sectors, our team combines cutting edge clinical expertise with international business acumen.

The Jus-Gov Advisory Board, team and technical staff have united to provide an unrivaled multi-industry mosaic of resources to our clients. These highly credentialed strategists ensure never-before-seen efficiencies, a new level of clinical transparency and a faster-than-ever time to market for pharmaceutical products and related therapeutic agents under development at military clinical trial centers.


Beatrice O'Brien


Beatrice O’Brien brings immeasurable value to JusLaw, not just her passion for the Law and the Legal Industry but also her over 20 years of legal experience with Wall Street Firms, such as, Cadwalder Wickersham & Taft and with international firms in Australia and the UK.

She has worked with high profile clients, such as, Warren Buffet and on high-profile cases, such as, the largest reorganization and restructuring cases in US, UK, and Australian corporate history.

Beatrice is a graduate of Bond University the only Private Law School in Australia with a Law Degree and is a graduate of Harvard Law School Executive Program. She speaks fluent Hindi. Beatrice leveraged her extensive experience to create the first of its kind marketplace revolutionizing the legal industry.


John C. Ferrara


John C. Ferrara is on the Advisory Board of JusLaw with extensive experience in corporate governance, business strategy, finance, operations, business development, capital raising, risk management, cash management, M&A and company exits.

John has served on the Boards of four (4) public companies; including GAMCO Investors, Inc. (NYSE:GBL) and has been the CFO of several public companies; including The Street Inc. (NASDAQ:TST), EDGAR Online, Inc.(NASDAQ:EFGR) and Renaissance Communications Corp. (NYSE:RRR).

John has over twenty years of C-level experience at public, private and PE portfolio entrepreneurial companies; including start-ups, turnarounds, and high growth organizations, with a prior background at two Fortune 500 corporations (NBC & American Express) and a Big 4 public accounting firm (Deloitte).


Oliver Ramsbottom


Partner with McKinsey & Company for over 20 years, based out of Hong Kong & Tokyo. Oliver brings to JusLaw over 20 years international experience in strategy and business development and start-ups. He is a graduate of Oxford & Harvard Business School.

Mr. Ramsbottom speaks fluent Mandarin.

Duane Lakings
Duane Lakings

Duane Lakings delivers a broad array of expertise in various primary areas of drug discovery and development to the JusGlobal enterprise. Dr. Lakings is experienced across nonclinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and toxicology as well as clinical safety, efficacy, chemistry, manufacturing and control of drug substances and proposed drug products and regulatory affairs. He assists pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in evaluating results from their drug discovery and development programs, including document preparation, protocol design and implementation across multiple disciplines, as well as further evaluation of drug candidates to support regulatory submission.

Dr. Lakings has served as president of Texas-based Drug Safety Evaluation and was director of drug safety evaluations at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals in Tarrytown, New York as well as a senior research investigator II at BMS-PRI (Princeton, NJ). He has been a research scientist at The Upjohn Company in Michigan and he has conducted research for the National Cancer Institute and the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Dr. Lakings has extensive publishing credits. He has authored or co-authored 44 refereed papers and 150 company-specific papers, nine book chapters on drug development, 26 abstracts for oral/poster presentation, eight commissioned drug candidate evaluation reviews and a 300-page report on biological contract research organizations (CROs).

Eyal Ron

Dr. Eyal Ron adds value for Jus Pharma clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device space by accelerating the timeline toward the value inflection point. Dr. Ron delivers an entrepreneurial thought process coupled with science-based evaluation to enhance the overarching enterprise value regarding product candidates, without creating a need for costly infrastructure to foster growth.

With three decades of experience in the development of drugs, biomaterials, devices and drug delivery systems, Dr. Ron has become known for combining science with sound business strategy, making him an ideally qualified expert on the JusGlobal team. He developed and implemented the scientific, regulatory and clinical strategy for several companies. Dr. Ron offers extensive depth in the total therapeutic development process including project management, clinical trials, regulatory compliance and approval, drug delivery systems, quality control and scale-up. Dr. Ron has authored more than 100 papers, book chapters and abstracts. He is also the inventor of 50 patents, principally in drug formulations, drug delivery, tissue engineering and biomaterials.

He has been a founder or principal formulator of biotech companies, bringing seven new medications to market. He has held the position of COO, CTO and CSO, director of pharmaceutical development and principal investigator at several pharmaceutical and biotech firms.

Dr. Ron received a PhD from Brandeis University and has completed post graduate study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned a BS at Tel Aviv University.


Jack Habert


Senior Vice President at Investment Bank Jeffries Group LLC based in New York. Jack brings to JusLaw expertise in the legal requirements for online platform businesses having been advisor to government entities including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on the development of new legal regulation.

Jack experience expands also to his practice of law for AM LAW 100 Firm, Willkie Farr Gallagher bringing high caliber legal network to JusLaw platforms.


Jason Stiehl


Partner Loeb & Loeb LLP based in New York. Jason brings to JusGlobal a large legal network across consumer class defenses as well as corporate espionage litigation and consulting. He was named a “Best Lawyer” in 2021 Trade Secrets Law: The Best Lawyers in America.

Dona Zimmerman

Dona Zimmerman


Dona has over 30 years in the legal education industry. She was co-founder and vice president of PMBR, a national preparation course for the Multistate Bar Examination which she sold to Kaplan in 2006 for over 200m. Dona is currently the Founder and President of Your Bar Exam Tutor.com. Being a renowned authority on legal education, Dona brings to JusLaw a broad view of the legal industry and legal education to JusLaw.


Dr. Evan Siegel, Ph.D.


Dr. Evan Siegel adds value for Jus- Pharma clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device space in the Regulatory Affairs and Product Development.


Dr. Siegel served as Chief Executive Officer of OXO Chemie Inc. from 1997 to 1999. Before he joined OXO Chemie, he was the Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Bioethics for Medical Science Systems, Inc. Prior to that he was Director of Regulatory Consulting Services and Principal Regulatory Scientist for Quintiles, Inc., in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. He has served in regulatory affairs and executive positions in the pharmaceutical (Astra, Syntex, and OXO Chemie), Genetics Testing Industries (Medical Science Systems); and trade association environments.


Dr. Siegel has also held positions as a Toxicology Reviewer at the US Food and Drug Administration and California Department of Health Services and, at the latter, was Chief of Special Services.


He attended Bucknall University where he received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Physics; Rutgers University, where he earned a Masters of Science degree in Radiological Health/Health Physics; the Waksman Institute of Microbiology where he earned both his Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Virology and Molecular Biology, and was awarded Postdoctoral Fellowships in Medical Genetics and Genetics Counselling at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Dr. Siegel is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland and the Centre for the Study of Preclinical Drug Development, Brisbane, Australia, and a member of the California Lieutenant Governor’s Biotechnology Advisory Group to the California Council for Economic Development. 

Patricia Blaine

Patricia Blaine is a registered respiratory therapist, university instructor and accomplished medical writer. She has served as a consultant in clinical trial protocols for leading pharmaceutical companies such as Eisai, Daiichi Sankyo, Forest Laboratories and Schering-Plough.

Ms. Blaine has been a senior director of medical writing and a staff medical writer for Oxford Research, Corning-Besselaar and Schering-Plough. She has been director of clinical education at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ). Ms. Blaine provided medical writing for a poster presented at a psychiatric conference focusing on a Phase IV multi-site investigatory study on carmbamazepine.

Patricia Blaine earned a Master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Allied Health Education from Rutgers University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English from Seton Hill University (Pennsylvania).

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